6D Rejuvenation of the Face, including Meloplasty / Rhytidectomy?

(Amount, elasticity, feeling upon touch, surface appearance, thickness, uniformity of colour)

Video Transcript

Facial Rejuvenation

I’m going to talk about concepts of facial rejuvenation When a human sees another human; within milliseconds, we form a decision about the other person. This is innate and this has evolved over millennia.

There are a number of considerations that help us to make that snap decision. For example, the uniformity or homogeneity of the skin colour and texture.

This is perhaps the most important thing, the volume of the soft tissues of the face, the position of the soft tissues of the face and redundancy of skin or loose skin. This all affects the way that the person is viewed by another person.

In general, when people are younger, they have more definition. For example, with women, they have a better jaw line and more of a V shape.

And with age it becomes more of a square and gradually a triangle as things drop and as part of the rejuvenation process. We can improve the skin and we can lift tissues and replace volume.

Facial Contouring

Concepts of facial contouring; well, one of the key things here, is to do with the patient’s ethnicity. We have to understand the bony structure that underlies the soft tissues, as ultimately that is the key thing that gives the shape of the face.

Other considerations also include relative proportions and absolute proportions. So, for example, the size of the nose compared to, for example, the projection of the chin.

We can address these areas in different ways. Sometimes surgery is required, for example, if there’s a large nose. Other times, a non-surgical approach is all that we need.

So the use of soft tissue fillers, fillers themselves vary in their longevity, in their lifting capacity, the ability to attract water and so on and so forth.

So the choice of the right procedure for the right patient yields the best result.

A key ethos here at Ignite Medispa is to ‘be noticed and not known’. In fact, I’ve even trademarked it.

What do I mean by that? Well, one should be noted for their elegance, not known for their exaggerated looks.

And perhaps the best example of this relates to the current trend with overinflated lips. In my opinion, a natural look is the best look. We need to try and give a bit more volume where perhaps with age volume has been lost.

Good definition, good pout, good proportion. These are all elements that give that natural shape to the lip. The volume or proportion of the upper lip to the lower lip can vary according to ethnicity as well.

So, for example, a white Caucasoid will have a very different appearance from somebody who comes from Africa, and these must be considered so that the lips work in harmony with the rest of the face.

The Nose

The nose is a central part of the face and it has a very important role, in so far as the aesthetics.

Some people have a short, flat nose and desire that needs to be brought out, whether by the use of implants or soft tissue fillers. Other people may have a more projected nose, perhaps with a hump on the dorsum or this part [around the bridge] of the nose, and they require the nose to be operated on and broken and reset.

With age the nose tends to beak as well. So sometimes the placement of filler just here [at the base] here can help support the ageing nose.

Of course, this all works in harmony with the cheeks and the lips and other key components of the face when it comes to, for example, the use of fillers in the nose.

There are considerations related to the blood flow, previous surgery, so on and so forth. This is something your doctor must speak with you before undertaking the procedure.



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