A Balanced Breast Augmentation, Dr. Niro Sivathasan

A Balanced Breast Augmentation

Part 1: A Balanced Breast Augmentation

Bigger is ‘not’ always better. Choosing an implant solely based on its size, is, in my opinion, the wrong way to proceed. Beauty is afforded by proportion and curves, so the choice of implant, in addition to considering lifestyle factors, should take into account the patient’s body-shape. There are, of course, other considerations, such as the amount of existing breast tissue, quality of the skin, and so on. Being aware of trends is important, also; over the last two years, I have noted that women have been seeking more modest implants compared with the trend in the two preceding years. An experienced surgeon with an aesthetic eye and breadth of surgical training shall guide his or her patient to choosing the most appropriate implants.

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