Above or Below the muscle, Dr. Niro Sivathasan

Above or Below the muscle

Part 2: Above or Below the Muscle?

Above or below?This is a question that many patients are eager to discuss.In Australia, the majority of patients have opted to go ‘beneath the muscle’ (behind Pectoralis major).In some South American countries, the majority of patients prefer to go in front of (‘above’) the muscle.The choice of position depends on lifestyle factors including exercise preferences, the degree of subtlety (or, conversely, ‘fakeness’) that is desired, and the amount of overlying breast tissue, amongst other considerations.I believe that the role of a good doctor is to equip the patient with the knowledge to make the most appropriate decision for that particular individual, and I aim to do this with my patients.This involves thoroughly discussing all the potential complications, also.Speaking of ‘where’, this extends to ‘where’ the surgery is done, too.My preference is for this surgery to be performed in an accredited facility with an anaesthetist managing the anaesthetic side of the equation.Medicine has no guarantees, and surgery is an art, so by observing ‘best practice’ guidelines, I endeavour to give my patients that best possible outcomes.

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