Trouser Talk Part 4: Augmentation Phalloplasties – The ‘Rise’ of Cosmetic Penile Surgery

The ‘Rise’ of Cosmetic Penile Surgery An increasing number of millennial females are pining for ‘bigger booties’ or ‘BBLs’ (Brazilian Butt Lifts), when in the not-so-distant past, small but perky was en-vogue; and similarly, men are seeking larger penises, perhaps contributed to by the Internet-assisted proliferation of pornographic material. It is interesting to note that […]

Trouser Talk Part 3: Augmentation Phalloplasties – Basic Anatomy relevant to Penoplasties

Basic Anatomy relevant to Penoplasties The penis serves as a reproductive organ and external excretory organ, for males. It has several tissue layers, and its main anatomical areas are: Shaft or body (cylindrical structure of up to 30° in curvature, which contains erectile columns) Neck (between the body and glans) Corona (the flared part of […]

Trouser Talk Part 2: Augmentation Phalloplasties – A Brief Overview of Penile Surgery

The Art of Augmentation Phalloplasties (Penile Augmentation): a brief Overview of Penile Surgery There is no doubt that perceived attractiveness boosts confidence, which in turn improves interactions with people; and this becomes a positively reinforcing situation. This tenet is widely recognized, now; and men are increasingly less shy to have injectables (such as soft-tissue fillers) […]

Trouser Talk Part 1: Augmentation Phalloplasties – Locker Room Syndrome

‘Locker Room Syndrome’? Grower? Shower? The aforementioned terms relate to men’s issues with their flaccid manhood – a topic which is increasingly gaining (pun intended) interest and is less taboo to discuss than in yesteryear. Men are growingly feeling empowered to make very personal changes to their bodies, very much like women have felt since […]

What’s all the Hype about Cannabis Oil and Hemp Oil in Skincare?

Over the last two years, the use of ‘cannabis’ in products has become increasingly en-vogue. Here are some key points that shall help with understanding the situation CBD (cannabidiol) is the non-intoxicating component extracted from hemp (marijuana plants). It is a powder and is mixed with either coconut oil, hemp (seed) oil, or olive oil. […]

What are the Anatomical features of Beautiful Lips?

This is very simple to answer, and I suggest that you look at various images of lips to appreciate the different facets. 1. Symmetry between the left and right halves 2. Ethnically appropriate proportions of the upper and lower lips 3. Age-appropriate volume 4. Defined boundaries (sharp vermillion borders) 5. Pronounced cupid’s bow (central part […]

Breast Implants and Lymphoma

The association between breast implants and lymphoma was made around 15 years ago. Lymphoma is not breast cancer. Breast-implant associated lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) usually presents as a single-sided swelling or enlargement (unilateral seroma). Other presentations include swelling affecting both breasts, or a breast lump. In such cases, sampling (cytopathology or histolopathology) is required, and if the […]

Harley Academy and the Future of Education in Aesthetics

Dr. Niro Sivathasan, International Director of Harley Academy, London, U.K. and aesthetic surgeon in Australia on consistency in education as a hallmark to safety in cosmetic procedures. Harley Academy is a champion in the field, spearheading the future of education in the cosmetic medical industry. Tell us about the founding of Harley Academy; what are […]

To Lift or Not to Lift

Breast Lifts Breast augmentation is to increase breast size and, depending on the type of implant chosen, to make breast perkier. In addition, the use of implants enhances the contour of the breasts, and as I tell all my patients, the curves and proportions of the patient’s silhouette are more important than the raw figures […]

Points to Consider Before Undergoing Plastic Surgery

From unrealistic expectations to misinformation, Dr. Niro Sivathasan, International Director of Harley Academy, London, U.K. and aesthetic surgeon in Australia, on the realities of plastic surgery from a psychological standpoint, and the mental and emotional mindset necessary of both the patient and the physician. How do you manage your patients’ expectations? What must they understand […]