Big vs Small Nipples

Part 3: An Interesting Trend I previously mentioned that the pendulum is now swinging towards smaller implants. I have noticed another trend and this was also demonstrated by Harley Street’s, The Plastic Surgery Group: a breast with a smaller nipple-areola-complex (NAC) is rated as being more attractive than one with a larger NAC. Consultant plastic […]

Above or Below the muscle

Part 2: Above or Below the Muscle? Above or below?This is a question that many patients are eager to discuss.In Australia, the majority of patients have opted to go ‘beneath the muscle’ (behind Pectoralis major).In some South American countries, the majority of patients prefer to go in front of (‘above’) the muscle.The choice of position […]

A Balanced Breast Augmentation

Part 1: A Balanced Breast Augmentation Bigger is ‘not’ always better. Choosing an implant solely based on its size, is, in my opinion, the wrong way to proceed. Beauty is afforded by proportion and curves, so the choice of implant, in addition to considering lifestyle factors, should take into account the patient’s body-shape. There are, […]