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Trouser Talk Part 4: Augmentation Phalloplasties – The ‘Rise’ of Cosmetic Penile Surgery

The ‘Rise’ of Cosmetic Penile Surgery An increasing number of millennial females are pining for ‘bigger booties’ or ‘BBLs’ (Brazilian Butt Lifts), when in the not-so-distant past, small but perky was en-vogue; and similarly, men are seeking larger penises, perhaps contributed to by the Internet-assisted proliferation of pornographic material. It is interesting to note that […]

Trouser Talk Part 3: Augmentation Phalloplasties – Basic Anatomy relevant to Penoplasties

Basic Anatomy relevant to Penoplasties The penis serves as a reproductive organ and external excretory organ, for males. It has several tissue layers, and its main anatomical areas are: Shaft or body (cylindrical structure of up to 30° in curvature, which contains erectile columns) Neck (between the body and glans) Corona (the flared part of […]

Trouser Talk Part 2: Augmentation Phalloplasties – A Brief Overview of Penile Surgery

The Art of Augmentation Phalloplasties (Penile Augmentation): a brief Overview of Penile Surgery There is no doubt that perceived attractiveness boosts confidence, which in turn improves interactions with people; and this becomes a positively reinforcing situation. This tenet is widely recognized, now; and men are increasingly less shy to have injectables (such as soft-tissue fillers) […]

Trouser Talk Part 1: Augmentation Phalloplasties – Locker Room Syndrome

‘Locker Room Syndrome’? Grower? Shower? The aforementioned terms relate to men’s issues with their flaccid manhood – a topic which is increasingly gaining (pun intended) interest and is less taboo to discuss than in yesteryear. Men are growingly feeling empowered to make very personal changes to their bodies, very much like women have felt since […]