Breast Revision Surgery Sydney Services, by Dr. Niro S.

Breast revision aims to replace former breast implants with new ones. Additionally, the procedure can be to correct cosmetic or health issues regarding the breasts. There are a few different reasons why this surgery may be necessary. The most common reason is due to old implants that have come to the end of their life. Breast implants roughly last around 10-15 years and may last up to 20 years. Breast revision can also be an important surgery for problems such as implant leakages and capsular contracture.

Regardless of why you may need breast revision, you can rest easy knowing that Dr Niro understands your needs. At our consultation, Dr Niro will explain any procedure and is always pleased to discuss any queries that you have.

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Dr. Niro, a caring Breast Revision Surgery Sydney Doctor with a reputation that precedes him.

Dr. Niro, the creator of the “Be Noticed, Not Known®” cosmetic surgery approach, has been practicing for almost 2 decades. During this time, he has delivered life-changing results for his Breast Revision Surgery clients in Sydney.

Dr. Niro completed his bachelor’s and medical degrees from King’s College London and University College London, respectively, and worked across a variety of surgical specialities. This was followed by a 2-year higher fellowship in general cosmetic surgery in Australia, and then a 2-year ‘super-specialty’ surgical fellowship.

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What is Breast Revision Surgery?

When we talk about breast revision, we refer to the procedure that aims to correct health or cosmetic issues with the breasts. The most common reason for this surgery is the replacement or removal of old implants that have finished their 10–15-year life. Other reasons for breast revision surgery may include:

  • Implant leakages
  • Capsular contracture
  • Overall dissatisfaction with the breasts
  • Autoimmune response due to the implant

If you have a medical problem with your implant, it is vital that you speak with your doctor immediately. This may result in the need for breast revision surgery.

Once your breast revision surgery is complete, you will usually undergo a downtime period of roughly 4-6 weeks whilst you recover. Once the first 2 weeks have passed, you may return to some daily activities; however, exercise should be held back until at least 4 weeks to promote recovery.

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Breast Revision Surgery & Safety

Your safety is paramount to Dr. Niro and his team. Watch the video below to learn more about Dr. Niro's approach to safety during Breast Revision Surgery and other procedures.

Furthermore, Dr. Niro believes that each individual patient must be involved in the decision-making process of undertaking Breast Revision Surgery, and it is the role of the cosmetic surgeon to ensure that the decision is ‘informed’.

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Why undertake Breast Revision Surgery with Dr. Niro

Dr. Niro takes great pride in offering an unrushed, bespoke approach to patient care, and believe that one size does ‘not’ fit all when it comes to Breast Revision Surgery.

"World Class Breast Revision Surgery Services in Sydney that are the result of a genuine investment, pride and responsibility for your care."

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I consider Breast Revision?
Breast revision is important to consider for many reasons. The lifespan of your breast implants coming to an end is the most common reason; however, there are many others that could include:
  • General unhappiness with your breasts
  • Autoimmune response to implants
  • Breast implant leaking
  • Implant movement
  • Pain as a result of your implants
  • Calcium deposit build-up
Is Breast Revision painful?
Breast revision surgery itself is not a painful experience; however, the recovery may provide some discomfort. The majority of this may be felt through swelling in the first 2 weeks of your recovery. After this period, you may need to recovery for a further 2-4 weeks before returning to all of your daily activities.
How long is the recovery of Breast Revision?
Breast revision surgery usually takes between 2-4 hours to complete. After this, you may experience some discomfort for 2-6 weeks. The full recovery period, before you can return to full daily activities, is 4-6 weeks. It is important that you do not rush into any rigorous exercise to promote your recovery.