Buttock Implants Surgery Sydney Services, by Dr. Niro S.

This form of surgery is designed to improve and increase the shape and size of your buttocks by using buttock implants. Commonly referred to as buttock augmentation or a gluteal enhancement, by using implants, we may be able to successfully enlarge the appearance of your buttocks. Additionally, we may also use fat grafting to achieve a similar aim. Sometimes, we may use fat grafting and implants to achieve the desired outcome.

Understand that Dr Niro is an expert in buttock enhancement procedures. He knows that listening to your needs is key to helping you gain your dream appearance.

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Dr. Niro, a caring Buttock Implants Surgery Sydney Doctor with a reputation that precedes him.

Dr. Niro, the creator of the “Be Noticed, Not Known®” cosmetic surgery approach, has been practicing for almost 2 decades. During this time, he has delivered life-changing results for his Buttock Implants Surgery clients in Sydney.

Dr. Niro completed his bachelor’s and medical degrees from King’s College London and University College London, respectively, and worked across a variety of surgical specialities. This was followed by a 2-year higher fellowship in general cosmetic surgery in Australia, and then a 2-year ‘super-specialty’ surgical fellowship.

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What is Buttock Implants Surgery?

We can use fat grafting from other areas of your body in order to gain the look of your dreams. Often, this surgery is called a Brazilian butt lift. Additionally, buttock implants can also be used. These devices are silicone filled and are placed surgically within the deep tissues of the buttocks.

There are many reasons why people throughout Australia choose to have buttock implants. One of the greatest reasons is to increase the roundness, projection, and size of your buttocks. This may give your confidence a boost. Furthermore, buttock implants may also balance your figure.

Dr Niro is an internationally renowned and highly qualified cosmetic surgeon. He has years of experience and understands that your needs must come first. This is the reason why he takes the time to help you in understanding everything involved with your procedure and works together with you to ensure that he may help you to achieve your dream appearance.

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Buttock Implants Surgery & Safety

Your safety is paramount to Dr. Niro and his team. Watch the video below to learn more about Dr. Niro's approach to safety during Buttock Implants Surgery and other procedures.

Furthermore, Dr. Niro believes that each individual patient must be involved in the decision-making process of undertaking Buttock Implants Surgery, and it is the role of the cosmetic surgeon to ensure that the decision is ‘informed’.

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Why undertake Buttock Implants Surgery with Dr. Niro

Dr. Niro takes great pride in offering an unrushed, bespoke approach to patient care, and believe that one size does ‘not’ fit all when it comes to Buttock Implants Surgery.

"World Class Buttock Implants Surgery Services in Sydney that are the result of a genuine investment, pride and responsibility for your care."

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do buttock implants take to put in?
It all depends on how your procedure is conducted. If you are using a combination of buttock implants and fat grafting, then your procedure may take longer, if just buttock implants are being used, then your surgery may not take as long. Regardless, the average time for buttock implant surgery is 2-3 hours.
What is used to enlarge buttocks?
We use either buttock implants or fat transfers to enhance the appearance, size, and shape of your buttocks. Occasionally, we may use a combination of the two to achieve the best results.
How long is buttock implant surgery recovery?
It may take roughly 2-6 weeks to recover from buttock implant surgery. During this downtime, you could experience discomfort as your body recovers; although, it usually gets better as time goes on. After 6 weeks you could be able to get back to regular activities such as exercise.