Ear Pinning Surgery Sydney Services, by Dr. Niro S.

Ear pinning aims to change the angel and shape of protruding ears by drawing them closer towards the sides of the head. Also known as otoplasty, ear pinning can change the angle and shape of uneven ears.

Dr Niro is a highly qualified and internationally renowned cosmetic surgeon. He is proud to have years of experience and fully understands that your requirements are key to the success of your procedures. Therefore, Dr Niro takes the time to help you understand everything involved with your ear pinning procedure and works with you to help you achieve your desired look.

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Dr. Niro, a caring Ear Pinning Surgery Sydney Doctor with a reputation that precedes him.

Dr. Niro, the creator of the “Be Noticed, Not Known®” cosmetic surgery approach, has been practicing for almost 2 decades. During this time, he has delivered life-changing results for his Ear Pinning Surgery clients in Sydney.

Dr. Niro completed his bachelor’s and medical degrees from King’s College London and University College London, respectively, and worked across a variety of surgical specialities. This was followed by a 2-year higher fellowship in general cosmetic surgery in Australia, and then a 2-year ‘super-specialty’ surgical fellowship.

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What is Ear Pinning Surgery?

Usually, ear pinning is performed under local or general anaesthetic to prevent pain from the procedure. The surgery lasts roughly 1- 2 hours. During your procedure, your surgeon usually makes an incision at the back of your ear. They will then peel off a layer of skin from the cartilage. The shape of the cartilage will then be changed, allowing for your ears to be closer to your head. Once this is complete, the wound will be closed.

After ear pinning surgery, you may be able to return home the very same day; however, occasionally you may have to stay one night. You will usually have dressings to wear around your head for the first few days before they can be removed and replaced with a headband following the surgery. After 6 weeks, you may see the results of your surgery.

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Ear Pinning Surgery & Safety

Your safety is paramount to Dr. Niro and his team. Watch the video below to learn more about Dr. Niro's approach to safety during Ear Pinning Surgery and other procedures.

Furthermore, Dr. Niro believes that each individual patient must be involved in the decision-making process of undertaking Ear Pinning Surgery, and it is the role of the cosmetic surgeon to ensure that the decision is ‘informed’.

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Why undertake Ear Pinning Surgery with Dr. Niro

Dr. Niro takes great pride in offering an unrushed, bespoke approach to patient care, and believe that one size does ‘not’ fit all when it comes to Ear Pinning Surgery.

"World Class Ear Pinning Surgery Services in Sydney that are the result of a genuine investment, pride and responsibility for your care."

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Ear Pinning surgery take?
Usually, otoplasty surgery takes around 1-2 hours to complete. If conducted under local anaesthetic, you should be able to go home on the same day as your surgery.
What is the best age for Ear Pinning Surgery?
Ear pinning should always be done once the ears have reached their full size. There isn’t really a perfect adult age to have ear pinning surgery; however, the earlier you have it done in your adult life, the less complications of surgery are present, no matter how rare.
Is Ear Pinning surgery dangerous?
Like any other type of major surgery, ear pinning poses a risk of bleeding, infection and an adverse reaction to anaesthesia. Whilst this is true of ear pinning, it is also true of any other surgery, so it is not exclusive. It is important to discuss with your surgeon the benefits and risks before coming to your conclusion.