Post Weight Loss Surgery Sydney Services, by Dr. Niro S.

There are many wonderful benefits that can come with losing a significant amount of weight and it can be a fantastic achievement. Some of these benefits include becoming overall healthier and more flexible.

However, like with many drastic changes, there can be some downsides. After losing a significant amount of weight, you may be left with excess skin folds in areas that have seen a drastic decrease in fat. These skin folds may be found around the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, arms, breasts and other areas of the body. With post weight loss surgery, we may be able remove significant amounts of excess skin and folds that put major pressure on your body and stop of you from being able to manoeuvre properly.

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Dr. Niro, a caring Post Weight Loss Surgery Sydney Doctor with a reputation that precedes him.

Dr. Niro, the creator of the “Be Noticed, Not Known®” cosmetic surgery approach, has been practicing for almost 2 decades. During this time, he has delivered life-changing results for his Post Weight Loss Surgery clients in Sydney.

Dr. Niro completed his bachelor’s and medical degrees from King’s College London and University College London, respectively, and worked across a variety of surgical specialities. This was followed by a 2-year higher fellowship in general cosmetic surgery in Australia, and then a 2-year ‘super-specialty’ surgical fellowship.

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What is Post Weight Loss Surgery?

As mentioned above, drastic weight loss can be a fantastic achievement and can come with lots of benefits; however, the excess skin that is left behind can cause problems. Lack of mobility can take its toll on your daily routine through problems with simple tasks such as getting dressed. Additionally, hygiene can become a bigger problem due to the build-up of sweat, potentially leading to infections and rashes.

All these problems can be extremely demoralising, especially due to the fact that losing weight can be a difficult, yet healthy pursuit and you can be left feeling down. This is the reason why we offer post weight loss surgery to help remove excess skin folds that can hinder your positive progress.

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Post Weight Loss Surgery & Safety

Your safety is paramount to Dr. Niro and his team. Watch the video below to learn more about Dr. Niro's approach to safety during Post Weight Loss Surgery and other procedures.

Furthermore, Dr. Niro believes that each individual patient must be involved in the decision-making process of undertaking Post Weight Loss Surgery, and it is the role of the cosmetic surgeon to ensure that the decision is ‘informed’.

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Why undertake Post Weight Loss Surgery with Dr. Niro

Dr. Niro takes great pride in offering an unrushed, bespoke approach to patient care, and believe that one size does ‘not’ fit all when it comes to Post Weight Loss Surgery.

"World Class Post Weight Loss Surgery Services in Sydney that are the result of a genuine investment, pride and responsibility for your care."

Frequently Asked Questions

Where may I see excess skin after dramatic weight loss?
There are several areas of the body that may present excess skin after a loss of a lot of weight quickly. Some of these areas could include the thighs, breasts, abdomen, legs, face, neck, arms and buttocks. These are just some examples of the different areas that may be affected.
Do I need multiple surgeries for post weight loss surgery?
The number of surgeries that you may need will depend on how many areas of your body are affected by excess folds of skin. Additionally, it will depend on which areas you would specifically like to target. In order to address all areas of excess skin, multiple surgeries may be needed.
How does post weight loss surgery help combat the excess skin around my tummy?
After losing significant amounts of weight quickly, you will almost certainly be left with excess skin folds. One of the most common places these can be found is around the abdomen. By using techniques such as a tummy tuck, we may be able to address the abdominal area that has excessive skin folds obstructing your mobility and potentially causing health problems. We can do this via removing the excess skin and tightening the area.